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How to order from our store

Welcome to imago web store. Maybe you have found something to your liking here or you are trying to find stuff, that has sold out everywhere else. Unfortunately at the moment, our store is fully available in Czech and Slovak language.

This guide is however made to help you with shopping here.

Just follow few easy steps listed below to make your order and we will handle the rest.

1) You are still looking for interesting stuff:

You can use standard search bar at the top of our page. Autocomplete function might give you some useful options to choose from. Keep in mind, that it might give you some weird options also because of the language. So if you are looking for something in particular, you might just want to input name of the product directly.

Search bar

Hopefully you have found thing you are looking for or at least something you like and now you want to order that item. How to proceed?

2) You want to confirm that you have found correct item:

You are on product page of your liking and it looks somewhat like this:

Product page

First you should make sure that your item is really what you want. While language might not be a problem for action figures, plushies or other collectibles, books and board games are different story altogether. English name of board game and book is good identification of language and they are often marked by UK flag to represent English language. However if you want to be 100 % sure, you should check product details.

Product details

You can find additional info such as EAN, but you want to look at “Jazyk” (Language). If you see “Angličtina” there, it means game is in English. In a picture above you can see that there may be multiple instances of language. In this case, there is stated that both “pravidla” (rules) and “komponenty” (components) of the game are in English.

Hopefully you have confirmed now, that this item is what you want, lets cover the check out process.

3) You want to buy item you have found:

You have found what you like and it is indeed a right version in language you can understand. What now? Lets go back to Harry for help:

Adding items to your shopping cart

You can find lot of the information about product on page. Default display of prices is in CZK but you can switch prices for all products to EUR by clicking green € sign. If you want to purchase multiple items, you can check how many of them we have in stock by looking at value in “Skladem 40 ks”, which means 40 pcs available. You can also adjust amount of items by pressing + and – buttons and finally with green button “Vložit do košíku” (Add to cart) you can send your items to your shopping cart in a top right corner.


Our shopping cart displays one item, that means we have successfully added Harry. If you want to add more items, just repeat this process until your shopping cart contains everything you need. If you are finished with this step, you can now proceed to checkout.

4) You want to check out items in your shopping cart:

You start by clicking the cart icon with “košík” (Cart) written next to it, which will take you to first part of checkout process:

Checkout phase one

There is a lot of things going on on this page, mostly regarding shop registration prompts, gift certificates and donating to charity. You do not need to pay attention to them for your checkout. In this phase you want to check that you have correct items in cart, also that price is correct. You can see that since we switched to EUR before, everything displays in that currency now. If everything is in order, you can continue by pushing “Pokračovat v objednávce” (Continue with checkout) you will be moved to second phase.

Checkout phase two

Again there is a lot going on, but this is your standard choose your shipping and chose your payment option. First you have to use roll down menu “Zvolte zemi” (Choose destination country) and choose your country. After that you will be offered shipping and payment options and you will also see how much will your shipping cost. For now there is only one option of delivery and payment by bank transfer. After confirming those you can continue with green “Pokračovat v objednávce” (Continue with checkout) button, which will move you to third phase.

Checkout phase three

Here you have to fill out your address, e-mail and phone number. Those are obviously very important for courier to reach you to deliver and deliver your package. If you leave bottom checkboxes unticked, we will contact you in future with interesting offers regarding items in our store. You may unsubscribe from our newsletter any time later if you leave them unchecked. After you are finished with all the necessary details, you can proceed with Pokračovat v objednávce” (Continue with checkout) button.

Note: If you want different billing information than shipping address, you can enter them after ticking topmost checkbox and you will be allowed to enter your billing address there.

Checkout phase four

This is last step of checkout. You should once more check that all information you have entered is correct – shipping, billing as well as your contact information. You can write additional comments regarding your order here. You can see overview of all your items, their price, price of the shipping and total cost of the order. After checking that everything looks good, you can finish with “Závazně objednat” (Place order) button. After that you will be prompted to pay for your order and when that is confirmed, we will make sure to get your order to you ASAP.

If you have further questions, you can reach us by e-mail or via our online chat.

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